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My family has had the experiences of the side effects of Vitamin D deficiency such as dry skin, brittle hair, tiredness, and overall mental wellbeing, and at times were frustrated in not being able to find a suitable product to counter them. I’ve responded by creating DBOOST Drinks.

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Behind DBOOST Drinks

As a Mother  I wanted to find an easy way to help other families like mine, to provide a drink, knowing that they are absorbing Vitamin D on a regular basis.


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Through DBOOST Drinks it is our desire to provide a refreshing blend of a high in protein drink enhanced with natural fruit flavours, and an easier way to absorb Vitamin D. Our healthy drink includes your 100% DAILY NRV of sunshine in a size convenient for lunch boxes or on the go!

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A little Sunshine puts a smile on your face and keeps you feeling great.If you miss out, a delicious DBOOST Drink provides the essential Vitamin D that your body needs.

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As a mother who has seen her children suffer these effects and then felt the frustration of not being able to find the right products to counter them, I’ve responded by creating DBOOST Drinks, using my experience in Sales and Marketing having worked in the children’s market with Tomy Toys and understanding the role of positive communication from my experience with working on international advertising campaigns for Leo Burnett. We have developed a product which delivers the daily allowance of Vitamin D, in a delicious blend of milk and juice making it easy to absorb, in a convenient form but importantly at a price which makes this affordable for everyone.


I want everyone to experience a drop of sunshine every day.

DBoost owner


A commercially minded international marketing leader building business in 8 different countries over the last 25 years with Coca-Cola and other major companies and now working within a startup environment.


The changes which are driven by the digital revolution impact marketing in a number of ways, key to gaining maximum advantage from this are firstly how to leverage the big data by bringing insights, developing new tools built on an understanding of our role in an evolving environment and finally how we reach consumers more effectively to ensure we remain relevant both inside and outside of our business.

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Martin studied at the West of England College of Art. He has over 30 years experience in the FMCG industry as head of design at Nestlé for many years before setting up his own design consultancy specialising in branding and packaging design primarily for the food and drink industry.


Martin Dawe Brand Design’s clients include SME’s to multinationals within the UK and abroad. Over the years the company has received many awards for it’s outstanding creativity. The business prides itself on creating effective branding and packaging design that uses the power of intelligent design to help its clients achieve their objectives.