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DBOOST launch at LACA in Birmingham!

Sunday, 1st July 2018

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We’re excited. DBOOST Drinks will be launched at this year’s LACA Exhibition, the UK’s only event dedicated to catering in education. Join us  Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th July at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole when our passion for Vitamin D moves to the next level...

Getting DBOOST ready for release has been exciting, hectic, demanding and very rewarding. But it’s been worth it. We wanted to provide a delicious way to get the Vitamin D our bodies need, so we created DBOOST. Now it’s ready for the world!

The Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) is the perfect platform to showcase what we have achieved with DBOOST. The event will be packed with people who are passionate about giving school children the right food and nutrition. Healthy kids learn better, stay focused and develop into adults who are fully aware of their bodies’ needs. We are delighted to be part of that journey.

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