Our Story (2/2)

Our Story (2/2)

As I discussed the use of Vitamin D with my broader family members, friends and acquaintances I realised the level of awareness of the issues of lack of Vitamin D was extremely low – it not only affects people of my background and other dark complexions but there has been an increasing number of people of all communities starting to show symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. Those most at risk are people that stay indoors a lot: students, gamers, etc – those in institutions, and people that customarily cover their skin when outdoors at all times.

As a mother who has seen her children suffer these effects and then felt the frustration of not being able to find the right products to counter them – my kids found it hard to swallow some of the higher dosage tablets, and then the younger one always spotting the prescribed Vitamin D drops I tried to disguise in any drinks, I’ve responded by creating DBOOST Drinks.

Through DBOOST Drinks it is my desire to raise awareness of the need to have a source of vitamin D on a regular basis. DBOOST Drinks provides reassurance to families like mine, who want to know that they are absorbing Vitamin D in a convenient format for the people that need it most. 

With the support of my network, I have developed a product which delivers 100% NRV of Vitamin D in a delicious blend of Fat-Free milk and juice making it easy to absorb, in a convenient form but importantly at a price which makes this affordable for everyone!

I want everyone to experience a drop of sunshine everyday & everywhere!


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